Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monogrammed Necklace Makes The New Identity

Have you ever wondered what it will feel like to be the one to design your own jewelry? Have you ever wondered what feeling you will experience if you receive a present that almost states you as its inventor? Monogram necklaces, monogram jewelries are one of the closest to this possibility. One of the most enduring things about MONOGRAM Jewelry pieces includes the ease of personalization. It enhances the potentials of manufacturers to produce millions of jewelry pieces for world famous jewelry brands.

The present technological strides has led the world to become a global village and hence the need to create an online presence for such a valuable product line.  Monogram jewelry pieces may be personalized in sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold as well as gold plated. With common varieties being sterling silver, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

GetPersonalizedJewelry boasts of a team of 20 designers and 80 of jewelry craftsmen with a capacity of a maximum daily output of about 20,000 pieces. Retailers or wholesalers may visit and place bulk orders at GetPersonalizedJewelry Monogram Jewelry factory, and drop shippers are also welcome to sell the monogrammed jewelry pieces via the twenty four hours online store.

For those who seek to present the perfect jewelry without a cutthroat price and yet provoke a great appeal and appreciation, a monogram necklace may be the greatest option available. With a monogram necklace, you have a standard method of personalizing jewelry and gifts including engraved necklaces, photo jewelry, engraved picture frames and much more. This creates a great avenue for the jewelry aficionado to possess the latest jewelry styles for themselves. You may also find the perfect personalized gift as a reliable platform like GetPersonalizedJewelry affords users thousands of options to make their selections from.

The variety of monogram jewelry options available makes it possible for users of products like dog tags for, family tree necklaces, birthstone jewelry; all these for Men, Women and kids to choose from. You may therefore find a perfect option for everyone in your family.  Remember A custom monogram ring makes the perfect gift for all occasions, such as Christmas, Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day and many more special occasions you may think about.

Not only will you find an impressive monogram jewelry collection at GetPersonalizedJewelry, but you have the assurance that you will experience one of the best online shopping experiences available on the internet. You are getting a combination of classic and contemporary styles since designs not only come from people who want good values for their jewelry but also an experienced staff who are authorities on matters of monogram jewelries and understand the language of monogram necklaces.

The loyal staff of 20 designers and 80 craftsmen that are engaged with GetPersonalizedJewelry exist to fulfill the desires of all jewelry wearers till there is maximum satisfaction and the recognition of the dynamism of necklace fashion is also an encouragement to not rest on our oars but keep updating designs and craft to keep up with new desires as they emerge!

About GetPersonalizedJewelry

GetPersonalizedJewelry is a professional jewelry store for MONOGRAMMED jewelry crafting, wholesale and dropship. There are more than 500 monogram styles including rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and anklets. From sterling silver, gold plated silver, 10K gold, 14K gold and 18K gold, you can find all kinds of precious metal to customize your monogram jewelry pieces. For the metal color, there are sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold for you to choose from. Every piece of jewelry is personalized with your own initials and comes with beautiful jewelry box. Wholesalers and drop shippers are welcome to cooperate for bulk orders. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What is Birthstone for March?

Aquamarine is the birthstone for people born in March. The birthstone has its origin dates back to the Aaron times. Aaron, the elder brother of Moses, wore a breastplate which had twelve gemstones representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In bilical times, people wore the gemstone as a talisman assigned to each month. Until 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers introduced an official list of gemstones which represents each month. According to this list, aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

What is Color of Aquamarine?
The aquamarine stone gets its name because of its color being aquamarine. The aquamarine stone colors ranges from sky-blue, greenish-blue, pale-blue to blue-green. No matter from which shade you look at the aquamarine stone, it gives beautiful,peaceful and serene hues. The most valuable aquamarines are those mined in large stones and of deep blue aquamarine color.

Where is Aquamarine Mined?
The birthstone for March is mainly mined in Australia, Afria, Chian, Columbia, India, Russion, Brazil and the United States. Colorado regard aquamarine stone as the state gem. In 1910, the largest aquamarine stone was dicovered in Marambia in Brazil and it is 19" long and weighs 243 pounds, which is equal to 110kg. Jewelers cut this largest aquamarine stone into a largest cut aquamarine gemstone and named it the Dom Pedro aquamarine. Now the largest cut aquamarine stays in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.

What is the Origin and History of Aquamarine?
The word "aquamarine" is derived from the Latin word "agua", which means water, marina, the sea, and the water of the sea. As you can see, Latin gave this name to aquamarine because of its sea-water color. The first documented usage of aquamarine dates back to ancient Greece between 480 B.C. and 300 B.C. When the aquamarine stone was used as an amulet engraved with Poseidon on a chanriot. Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea and according to legend, Poseidon protect sailers on the sea. The aquamarine stone represents the color of the sea, so people used aquamarine as a talisman to bring sailers good lucky, and a safe prosperous journey across the ocean. According to legends, aquamarine was believed to be the prized possession of mermaids and it has the power to protect sailers during hazardous journey across the oceans. So aquamarine is believed to be the sailer's gem and a great talisman for sailers. The Romans believed in Neptune, Kind of the Sea, and they associated this stone with Neptune and they believed that Neptune would protect them against the dangers of the sea as long as they carried aquamarine stone as an amulet. Ancient Egyptians also believed that aquamarine had special powers, so they put this stone in their tombs for the journey to the afterlife.

What are the properties and healing powers of aquamarine?
Among all crystals, aquamarine is the most flawless and has excellent clarity and transparency. The March birthstone aquamarine is so flawless that silvers of aquamarine was used to correct near-sighted vision when eyeglasses were first created. Aquamarine is a color variety of the mineral beryl which has hexagonal crystals. Pure beryl is transparent, but when Fe2 and iron atoms (Fe3) appears in the beryl, the color changes from pale blue to deep blue. So natural, untreated aquamarine is a transparent, blueish green variety of beryl. Aquamarine is a relatively hard stone because it ranges from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It is believed that the aquamarine can cure insomania, enhance communication, reduce anxiety, do mental clarity and is good for emotional balance. Since Roman times, people used aquamarine stones to cure ailments of the mouth, liver, throat, and jaw.

How to tell the value of an aquamarine stone?
Similar as diamond, the cut, clarity, color and carate weight determins the value of the aquamarine. Like seawater, aquamarine color can be light blue, blue green, green-blue and dark blue. Though most aquamarine stones are of typically light blue tone, the more saturated the color is, the higher the value will be. A deeply saturated blue aquamarine is the most desired one, but it is very rare in larger cut. Aquamarine is not dimished by lesser color intensity because many people actually prefer the more crystal clear aquamarine stones than the deeper, richer ones.

How to care for Aquamarine jewelry?
Though aquamarine is one of the more durable gemstones, it still requires care when wearing it. You should avoid wearing an aquamarine jewelry when working around harsh chemicals because it might be damaged by these harsh chemicals. Always keep your aquamarine jewelry piece separately from other types of gemstone jewelry to avoid scratches.

How to clean Aquamarine rings?
The best way to clean your aquamarine jewelry is to bring it to a professional jeweler for a beautiful results. However, you can still clean your aquamarine ring at home with soapy water and soft cloth.

1. Fill a small bowl with warm water and a small amount of dish soap.
2. Let the aquamarine jewelry soak for 5-8 minutes.
3. Clean the stone with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Where can I buy March Birthstone jewelry?

Gift idea for March Birthstone- Aquamarine
March's birthstone was also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages and it is the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary. It would be a great idea to give your wife an aquamarine ring or necklace as an anniversary gift. As the birthstone of March, aquamarine jewelry definitely makes the perfect gift for the ones born in March. A great gift idea for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Graduation or more occasions would be giving a personalized birthstone name necklace. When searching information for aquamarine online, i found a jewelry store - selling personalized name necklace with birthstones and infinity necklace with birthstones. According to the site description, buyer can personalize name and choose birthstones for the necklaces, the following is links of the products:

The following is some pictures of aquamarine jewelry pieces for you to enjoy:

Here is a video for you to know more about aquamarine:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tips for Designing Monogram Necklaces

A monogram necklace is a special kind of necklace (personalized necklace) that you can design as per your style and name. It can be a perfect present for anyone such as men, women, or kids. In the monogram necklace, the first word should be on the left side, and the second word should be in the middle followed by the last word that placed on the right side of the necklace.

If you are a necklace lover, then here are a few ideas that help you to make an appealing one.  Have you ever thought-out to making your own necklace? Well, you can make one easily. It is not as difficult as you imagined. In this article, you will get a few tips on how making a personalized monogram necklace. It is not only an exciting do it yourself (DIY) project that you can use to create a personalized necklace yourself,  but also you can gifts for friends or one who loved you. The personalized necklace is always pleasing and makes you exclusive with the monogram. All the important things that you have to consider to make your own personalized necklace are mentioned in the below.

The Metal

As you know that, metal is the first thing that you have to consider, it looks like a chain that keeps the pendant which form it one of the most significant pieces of material. And the material will decide the kind of material you can use in your monogram necklace. And usually sterling silver can be one of the best selections. This is because a sterling silver is affordable and gives a great finished appearance. Due to the cost of silver has gone up day by day in the last few years, it’s only the material that still remains and also affordable.

Monogram Style

Block and script are the styles that generally used to make a monogram necklace. You might want to make a picture of in the mind or draw a monogram design in the block and script styles to check out which is the best one. Normally, the script style is can be one of best for initials.


The length of a monogram necklace is an essential deliberation and generally it is a matter of personal selection. It is said that a monogram necklace are not too long. The dimension of these kinds of necklace should not more than sixteen inches to eighteen inches. If you like to wear it from outside a neck attire, then you should choose an eighteen inches because it will comfortably rest on the breastbone. Now, you have enough information about the necklace to make your own personalized necklace yourself as per your style and name.